1950s Dress Makes an Appearance Including the Famous Swing Dress

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Vintage clothing become popular in the 1970’s for a variety of reasons, including one of financial need. Now however, they have become popular because of the timelessness quality they represent. You can walk into any thrift store or vintage clothing store in almost any city and find racks and racks of different styles of 1950’s dresses that incorporate the swing era. The swing dresses of that time were originally made for dancing. It is the full swinging shape of the dress itself that allowed women to really show of their dancing skills while still allowing them to be modest and ladylike. Thanks to an incredible fashion revolution made popular by wearing vintage clothing, 1950’s swing dresses have really leaped into the modern era of clothing.

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One of the most popular groups of people to wear the 1950’s swing dresses are surprisingly teenagers. Enamored with a time they never experienced, they use these dresses to stand out among the crowd. Independent in their style choices, the variation of the 1950’s dresses allow them to show of their individual look while still keeping in fashion which is so appealing to a teenager. Not to mention, true vintage 1950’s dresses are quality made and can last years and years compared to the dresses that they buy in the local mall clothing stores. It is something that is not cookie cutter and they know that when they show up at a homecoming dance or a prom, there will be no other girl wearing the same style of dress, making them feel unique 1950s dresses.

Women in general are investing more in their clothes nowadays too. Instead of spending just a few dollars to buy a dress that may only last one night, they are taking the time to seek out that perfect 1950’s dress that will last 10 or even 20 years. Vintage dresses are becoming like collectibles as they grow in value due to the scarcity of them. Celebrities especially are enjoying the 1950’s dresses, especially of the swing variety. You have people like Sarah Jessica Parker who wore several of them in the Sex and the City show, not to mention real life. She has really brought them out into the public, showing how trendy and stylish they can really be.

A 1950’s swing dress easily has become one of the show stoppers at any occasion with its femininity, grace and classic style. Since they do flatter almost any body type they can be worn for a night on the town, a special event or just for walking down the streets of New York City. Whether you where as they did in the 1950’s with a pair of Mary Janes or spice it up with a modern pair of stilettos, the look is still as classic as it was 50 years ago.

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