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In addition to more grunts, jackals, and elites, two banshees guard this segment of the bridge. Luckily, you also have access to a banshee that you can use to kill them. This banshee is parked unattended at the very edge of the bridge segment, just behind where the ramp from the catwalk ends. Be sure that you do not fly over the bridge in the banshee or else the infantry may EMP or damage you; instead, engage the other banshees to the left or right of the bridge. I find it easiest to fight these banshees by flying directly towards them and firing a fuel rod when they get close. If the fuel rod does not entirely destroy the banshee, finish it off with your plasma turrets (swap weapons in the banshee by pressing y). Once you destroy both of the enemy aircraft, land your banshee from where you took off.

You can now use the same strategy you used before to fight your way across the bridge segment. Once again, find cover behind any of the larger rocks or structures and begin picking off the grunts and jackals from a distance. Slowly move forward while always staying close to cover, and 7.62×39 ammo kill the elites as soon as you come within plasma pistol range. Be careful, because the elite general at the end bridge wields a concussion rifle. Be sure to kill all of the other infantry around him before you engage him. Once only this elite remains, stay in cover to charge your plasma pistol, then quickly pop out to stun and kill him before he has time to shoot you. If necessary, jump around a lot to avoid his slow moving shots. Exit through the door at the end of the bridge to proceed to the next rally point.

Upon exiting the bridge, you will enter a large outdoor area with a combination of covenant infantry and vehicles ahead. Directly in front of you, there are three grunts that you should immediately kill with carbine headshots. After killing them, move to the large rock feature to your left for cover. Next to this rock, there is a crate with battle rifles and assault rifles. You are most likely running low on carbine ammo at this time, so swap your carbine for a battle rifle.

The area ahead is broken into three sections; an elevated platform to the left, an exposed area in the middle, and mirrored elevated platform to the right. On each elevated platform, there are some light infantry, a jackal sniper, a plasma turret, and a shade turret. In the center area, there are more light infantry and an elite. In addition, two grunt operated Ghosts patrol the area. From the cover of your rock, snipe the grunts out of each shade turret by shooting the top of their head (which is just barely exposed). If possible, kill the jackal snipers at this time as well. Because of the shape of plasma turrets, you cannot snipe the enemies out of them from a distance, so you will need to eliminate them later.

The Ghosts are relatively aggressive, so at least one of them should approach your position. Because you do not have a sniper rifle, you will need to hijack these Ghosts to eliminate them. Once one of the Ghosts comes close to you, charge up your plasma pistol from cover and then pop out and quickly stun it. Immediately sprint towards it and melee the grunt driver to kill it (or press x to hijack the Ghost.) Drive the Ghost towards back of this area (where you came from) so that other covenant infantry to do reenter it. Perform this same process once you see the second Ghost.

Once you eliminate both Ghosts (or if the second one is staying back), proceed to the right side of the area. Sprint to the rocks next to the shade turret and use them as cover from the plasma turret and enemies in the middle section. From here, you have a good shot at the covenant in the center area, so begin picking off as many light infantry as possible with your battle rifle. If you did not already jack it, the second Ghost will attack you around now, so stun and hijack it as described above. Once you have killed all of the light infantry you can see, use the stairs to your right to reach the top of the elevated platform you are next to. You will now be directly to the side of the plasma turret, so you can easily kill the grunt operating it. Finish off any other infantry on this platform or the center area at this time.

Just past the elevated platform you are on, there is a ramp that leads up to the next area, where there are many grunts and an elite major with a concussion rifle. All of the grunts that were on the left platform now will have joined this large group of infantry. Use the slope of the ramp as cover to kill the grunts with battle rifle headshots. If any of the enemies throw a grenade at you, be sure to step to the side of it instead of walking backwards or else you might walk right into its path. Once only the elite remains, kill him with a plasma pistol and battle rifle combination. If you are running low on battle rifle ammo, you should return to the battle rifle crate to restock on ammo.

Walk through into the hallway at the back of this area. At the end of the hallway, there are stairs leading to the next level with 4 grunts and an elite spec ops with an energy sword on top. Begin by killing as many of the grunts as possible, but as soon as the elite spec ops charges you, focus all of your attention on him. Overcharge your plasma pistol, stun him, and finish him with a battle rifle headshot while backing up to kill him before he reaches you. Then finish off any remaining grunts.

Upon exiting the room you are in, follow the path to the right. As you come around the corner, you should see 5 grunts, a jackal, and an elite major. Take cover behind the covenant barricade and kill the light infantry, then the elite. Around the next corner, there are two jackals and a jackal sniper. Immediately kill the jackal sniper from the cover of the corner, then focus on the jackals. Continue up the ramp and around the corner you will find two elites with carbines fighting a number of forerunner sentinels, as well as a phantom providing air support. Wait for this phantom to leave, then stun and kill the elites while they are focused on the sentinels. The sentinels will not attack you

Now, only two hunters stand between you and the end of this mission. This is a very easy hunter fight because you have access to plenty of fuel rod ammo, and the hunters are focused on fighting the sentinels. Just below the platform with the hunters, there is a covenant crate with fuel rod guns and plasma pistols. Swap your plasma pistol for a fuel rod gun and climb the ramp to the platform with the hunters. Stay on the ramp and begin bombarding the closest hunter in the back with fuel rods. Be sure you keep an eye on the other hunter so that he does not attack you when you are not suspecting it. If the hunter you are fighting turns around, continue to bombard him with fuel rods and walk back down the ramp for cover. 4 – 7 direct hits should kill the hunter. Restock on fuel rod ammo and kill the second hunter while he is focused on the sentinels.

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