Are You Blogging? Do You Know The Benefits?

January 3, 2022 by No Comments

If a client asks us what they can do on the internet from a marketing point of view, 9 times out of 10, blogs are in the mix. In fact, we usually recommend a content creation strategy, of which blogs are a crucial part of the mix.

What I wanted to do today is tell you exactly why we think that blogs are so important for businesses getting involved in internet marketing, and also to show you the potential results you could obtain by blogging.

For starters, we have always looked at building relationships with your potential customers as an integral part of marketing; any marketing, not just online d2l msum . People buy from who they trust, and for people to trust you, you must build a relationship with them.

Blogging is a great way of doing just that, through sharing tips that can help your potential customers, keeping them up to date on industry news, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, solving common problems for your clients; there are a whole host of ways that blogging can help you to build relationships and engage with your potential customers.

In “Starting A Blog Business-The First Steps” we discussed the beginning steps of starting a Blog for fun and profit. We have covered the areas of research, choosing a topic, domain name and hosting smart square . If you have completed these steps and settled on your domain name and hosting company, you will probably be installing WordPress on your site. The following discussion will be based on the assumption that you have WordPress installed on your site.

WordPress has a theme that installs with it Tsbp . You may well be happy with this theme and use it. However, you have the option of searching for a different theme, both free and purchased, that you may feel fits your style better. You simply upload and activate it.

Once your site is installed you will need to download and install the plug-ins you will want to use. Go to and register. It’s free. There you will find a selection of over 22,000 free plug-ins available for you to download. You can sort by popularity etc. Choose carefully. An initial suggested selection would be:

So we all get to hear how blogging is of great importance and how one should make it a practice to follow it and write it. But have we ever wondered why it is so? I mean why should I sit in front of the computer screen and blog? What are the incentives? What are the positive points? Why is there a need to blog?

Blogging gives you a wider platform to share your views, ideas and opinions. I mean, we see how Facebook and twitter are drawing us away from blogging but on these social networks we can not express ourselves fully and completely. If you have something valuable and important to share then you need to do that through blogging. Blogs can contain larger amount of content which is not possible on the aforementioned sites. Hence blogging becomes important.

Reach out to people. Through blogging, you make a connection with millions of users out there. Before the introduction of these social networks, blogging was considered the game! People used to connect and socialize through blogs. Although the trend has seen a downfall lately, but it still stands to be a more trustworthy and appropriate ay of reaching out to several of people out there. If you blog has a good design, a professional look, high graphics pictures and good quality content, users will definitely gather around you. Hence blogging becomes important.

Promote yourself, your work and your beliefs. Through blogging you can make people become aware of you. If you are a young artist or a writer who wants to make a change or create an impact, blogging is one of the most effective ways. True that through social networking you can promote yourself as well, but blogging provides you with a wider lens to look through. You can fill your blog with pictures, upcoming events, latest news, updates and so much more, keeping everybody in touch with your progress! Hence blogging becomes important.

It’s the expert way of doing things. Through blogging, you build on the trust of the users. You make them realize that you are game in the field; tat you are not just a beginner but a pro. It is an extension of your profile hence through blogging you can easily show your expertise in your profession. Through blogging, you give them a more descriptive idea about yourself and what you stand for; what your work is about. Potential clients get to have an insight of your business which is GODD BUSINESS. Hence blogging becomes important.

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