Choosing a Tarp to Suit Your Needs

June 29, 2021 by No Comments

Before you head off to your local hardware store to buy a tarp it will be necessary for you to first of all consider a number of factors.

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The first consideration, apart from the cost, would be to know what you intend using your newly acquired tarp for. For instance, if you may want a lightweight waterproof tarp to cover a barbeque sitting out in the open at your home or to use as a ground sheet to cover the ground inside your tent then a cheap vinyl or polyethylene tarp would be the answer waterproof tarpaulin.

Because this type of tarp is relatively cheap and made of lightweight material it generally has a limited life span but is nevertheless keenly used by consumers for a wide range of home uses such as lining the boot of a car to covering a load of firewood in the back yard.

Tarps are commonly made of different types of materials such as polyethylene, canvas and vinyl. The polyethylene tarp can be supplied in a range of sizes and a density of medium-duty and heavy- duty. The medium-duty blue type tarp is typically used for short term protective cover over vehicles or as a camping tarp, while the more heavy-duty polyethylene tarp is used in more extreme weather conditions to cover vehicles, boats and caravans left out and exposed to the elements for a longer period of time.

A vinyl or polyethylene tarp fitted with grommets through which a cable can attach the tarp to the truck body, is commonly used to cover and secure the loads on flatbeds, pickups, dump trucks, long haul and other types of trucks. These strong heavy-duty tarps are popular covers with their durable, waterproof and UV resistant properties. They can however be expensive, especially when two waterproof truck tarps are needed to cover the load on the rear of a 50 foot long truck trailer.

The best more expensive truck tarp usually comes supplied with hooks and leather straps that are designed to help the truck driver secure the tarp over his cargo avoiding the difficulties encountered in securing the tarp with nylon ropes. Canvas tarps can also be used to cover the loads on trucks but because it is relatively expensive and prone to easily tearing it is not commonly used.

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