Decorate Your Wedding With Polka Dots

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Looking for a fun and cheerful design scheme for your wedding? How about decorating with polka dots? This fun pattern can be used in many different ways to give your wedding an upbeat and lighthearted feeling polka dot dress .

There is no doubt about it: polka dots are just plain fun. Whether they are done in one color, two colors, or a whole rainbow, polka dots are always cheerful and never too serious. They would be great for an informal summer wedding.

You can use your polka dots in ways that are subtle or bold. Start with the wedding invitations. The most subtle idea would be to line the envelopes with a polka dot paper. If you want to use the theme more boldly, them you choose a paper with a pale polka dot pattern and have the words printed over it. This may be too casual for some weddings; as an alternative, you could do it for the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower invitations polka dot dress.

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Polka dot ribbons are a great way to liven up any bouquet. For the most preppy look, use a grosgrain ribbon with a pink and green polka dot. Other great color combinations include brown and aqua, pink and white, or silver and white for a more elegant affair. The same ribbons can be used to make bows to decorate the ends of the church pews, or to tie onto the chairs at the reception.

The bridal party can incorporate the polka dot scheme into their attire, as well. If the bride wants to wear polka dots without making too bold of a statement, she can wear a wedding gown that is embroidered or printed with polka dots in a white-on-white design. This works particularly well when the base fabric is something like a translucent and summery organdy.

The men in the wedding can wear polka dots on their neckties, bowties, or pocket squares. It is best to limit the pattern to one accessory on the men so that it does not end up looking clownish. For the bridesmaids, there are a variety of ways to wear polka dots. Of course you could select a polka dot dress for them to wear. If you want to keep the look more polished, choose a nautical color combination, like white dots on a navy background.

For brides who prefer a solid color for her bridesmaids’ dresses, the polka dots could come in the form of a sash at the waist, or a ribbon sewn onto the hem of the dresses. You will want to choose bridesmaid jewelry that enhances the “dotty” look. A great idea would be to custom order bridesmaid jewelry in your wedding colors. Have strands made with large Swarovski pearls in alternating colors for a great pop of color on your attendants.

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