Finding A Used Power Pole For Sale

June 21, 2021 by No Comments

It is not hard these days to find a used power pole for sale, and sports fishers will be happy to know that the internet has many in classified ad postings. This fairly recent innovation developed to ‘catch more fish’ is still being refined and perfected, and some of those who have earlier models are turning to the more recent designs. The ones being replaced end up as bargains online.


Power poles, also called shallow water anchors or dig in anchors, have nothing to do with utilities. Rather, they are hydraulically driven posts which are mounted on the outside of a fishing boat Weed for Sale Online. When extended to the bottom of a lake, shore, or river, they keep boats in place, with bow to the wind or the current and no need to keep the engine running. The units range from four-foot models to poles six, eight, or twelve feet long.

Being mounted on the outside of the boat just above the waterline, the devices avoid some problems of using an anchor that is tossed overboard. With nothing to manually throw out and bring in, there are no coils of rope to foul and no bottom-dragging anchor to bring water, mud, sand, or subsurface weed aboard.

A pole can be raised or lowered by means of one or more switches installed inboard, depending on how much convenience is desired. Remote controls can also be used to trigger a device from anywhere on the boat. The strong hydraulic pump raises or lowers the anchor in seconds, allowing the user to stalk fish, stop and go quickly while having both hands free to employ a fishing rod, and to anchor without splashes that scare the fish.

This technical advance has become very popular with those who love to fish in shallow waters, where many prized species of sport fish congregate for feeding and breeding. The boat can be maneuvered into position and held where the fish are, without drifting with the current or the wind. The fish can also be followed without the delays of using a traditional anchor.

A computer wizard with a knowledge of mechanical engineering developed the concept of this fast-working device in 1998, making the technology fairly new in the sport of fishing. Talented designers are still making refinements to this creation, using lighter weight and more corrosion proof materials, producing models in many decorative colors, and offering ever faster and quieter operation.

Checking the online classifieds for a used power pole can bring one of these sought-after devices into the affordable range of most dedicated sportsmen who prowl the flats and shallows. Easy to install and easy to operate, some models even have lifetime warranties. This will not apply to a second-hand unit, but it will show that such a device is well-constructed.

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