Foam Pipe Insulation: Are You In Hot Water?

June 22, 2021 by No Comments

When it comes to insulating our homes against the rigours of a New York or Chicago winter, far too many of us forget about foam pipe insulation. We remember our wall and ceiling insulation. We might even invest in fibreglass or insulation board options. Yet we forget to protect one of the most crucial elements of our home: the water supply.

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Most of us could put up with a cold home for a little while if we absolutely had to, yet how many of us would want to live somewhere where the water pipes were leaking or burst? How many of us would want to do without access to that water? That is exactly what could happen if the temperature around the pipes in your home falls quickly enough to freeze their contents water damage Chicago. Ice can quickly form within them, expanding to the point where it causes serious damage to the pipes.

Do you really want to have to pay a small fortune to a plumber just because you forgot to lag your pipes properly? If not, then protecting exposed pipes from extremes of thermal variation should be as much of a priority as getting the right double glassing for each window in your home, or making sure that you insulate your basement. The correct lagging around pipes does not have to be expensive, and is certainly not difficult to get fitted.

Of course, not all insulation of this type exists to keep the cold out. Much of it exists for the same reason that the rest of this sort of protection is in your home- to prevent wasted energy. It takes a lot of power to heat up the water for your bath or shower, and if the pipe from your hot water tank is not properly wrapped, it is wasting that energy.

These days, we can’t afford to do that. Not only is there the question of our impact on the environment to think about, but there is also a simple monetary consideration involved. You are the one paying for every scrap of electricity or gas used to heat up the water you use, so why cost yourself more than you need to? Every time you use hot water without the right insulation on your pipes, you are throwing away money. So much so that it makes the cost of protecting them in the first place look tiny.

Of course, you might be tempted at this point to have a go at lagging the pipes yourself. After all, isn’t that what people used to do? Maybe, but unless you know exactly what you are doing, it really isn’t a safe option. You might have been able to put up a little reflective insulation foil yourself, but this is a much bigger job. One that requires the right materials to do safely and effectively. Call in an expert for your foam pipe insulation instead, and the results are likely to be far better. Not only will you be sure the job is well done, you will also find yourself on the way to a much more energy efficient home.

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