Going Green With Red Wiggler Worms

October 30, 2021 by No Comments

Going green nowadays is one of the best things that you can do to give back to Mother Earth. So instead of adding up more garbage in landfills today, you may choose to use red wiggler worms by means of composting. These worms are able to eat the wastes that have been accumulated from Read more your kitchen and from your garden (if you happen to have one). They are definitely that handy to have at home!

You can have so many uses for red worms. Not only are they used for fish bait, they’re also fed to other animals as well. Their bodies are actually made up of 70% protein, which makes them a very good source of nutrients (the kind of food that insect-eating birds and moles look for). Other than that, the product that these worms produce after eating your organic scraps can also be used as plant food and as a soil enhancer. These are then turned into a black topsoil material, which is then referred to as worm castings (also known as worm compost).

When composting with red wiggler worms, you can actually get an organic fertilizer and a soil conditioner for your garden, just by harvesting their castings (in other means, as a liquid fertilizer)! Their manure can help enrich the soil, and provide more nutrients to plants (for both indoor and outdoor plants) without having to use chemical based fertilizers on them (you’ll be able to avoid contaminating your garden with toxic stuff and avoid burning your plants). We all know that by using organic based products, do we help lessen the use of toxic materials in our garden (or in any place that has use for it for that matter).

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