Handicapping Horse Races and Gambling Tips

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Are you a horse player or a gambler? Knowing the answer to that question can help you to be a winner. Maybe you’re a little of both but more of one than the other. The old saying DEWA POKER, “To thine own self be true,” might well apply to gambling and handicapping and also might help you to finally succeed if you are struggling to make a profit from the horse races.

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Do you sometimes struggle with your own behavior? Do you make bets and then wonder why you bet a certain horse? Sooner or later, it happens to all of us who would handicap a horse race and make a profit. Sometimes it is an impulse and we later regret the bet and other times it is based on insecurity or poor judgment.

If you really want to make a profit, you have to know what makes you love to bet on horses and then use that to motivate and inspire yourself to go the extra mile to win. Here is how it works. First of all, after you place a bet and as the race is unfolding, how do you feel? Is there an impending sense of doom? Are you elated and hopeful? Can you bear to watch the race? Is your heart pounding? If so, a good part of why you play the horses is because you like the thrill of gambling. That’s not a bad thing if you can use that positively.

On the other hand, when the race is getting ready to go, are you scanning your racing form and going over the horses one more time? Do you watch the race with curiosity and note how certain horses are running and the pace of the race? Do you make notes about the race or see things you might use in the future? If so, then you have the curiosity of a handicapper.

Maybe your behavior is a combination of those two scenarios. That means you’re like most horse players and enjoy a good bet and gambling, but also like to handicap and figure things out.

Here is how to use those two personality traits to win more and lose less. First of all, if you like to gamble, admit it to yourself. You’re a risk taker and you like it even though you may go through a range of emotions while the race is being run that runs the gamut from exquisite pain to exaltation. If that is the case then you should realize that the horses you pick and the bets you make will have to have some risk involved and everything will not be cut and dried for you.

As a handicapper you want to be able to evaluate the horses and to know which one has the edge in class, speed, pace, etc. But as a gambler, once you know that information, you’ll look for a bet that has some risk and also some benefit, as in a high payoff. While handicappers often play favorites and low priced horses, gamblers are more prone to play the higher priced horses and exotic bets. Handicappers who lack a strong desire to gamble are usually grinders and try to grind out a living at the track and gamblers go for the big score.

The whole point is that you should know which scenario will inspire you. If you get excited adding up your wins for the month and find out that you managed to grind out 10% profit from carefully placed win bets, that’s what you should stick with. On the other hand, if you like hitting that big trifecta and cashing out the month in the black despite some big ups and downs, that’s not problem as long as you have the cash to sustain that and also realize how risky it is.

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