How to Build Good Reputation and Credibility

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To build a successful online business, you must build your credibility and have a good reputation.

Now, you may ask: Why?

The World Wide Web has opened up a lot of new income opportunities for us. But, it has also opened up an equal number of opportunities for the scammers.

We all know that the internet is populated with these scam sites. Internet users are now much more cautious and are reluctant to trust any website/company and to disclose their personal information.

So, it has become very essential that you take each and every opportunity to establish a good reputation & credibility with your clients/visitors.

How to do it?

Here are a few basic but very essential steps you may follow:

Domain Name:

You must own a domain name. Because, this will make the visitors feel that

1. You are serious about your business.
2. You have a professional attitude towards your business.
3. You are profiting enough to maintain a domain name, so the products/services you are offering must be good.

Businesses hosted for free are often not trusted by internet users which may cause your business to suffer.

Your Contact Information:

Providing your visitors/customers with your contact information is very important. You should display your postal address, e-mail address and your telephone number. Please do not hide behind a PO Box number. Provide your actual postal address. Businesses providing just a PO Box number and no real postal address, loses their credibility.

One good way to do this is to include an “About” page in your website with the following information:

1. A professional biography.
2. Your photograph.
3. A Brief/Detailed description about you/your website/company.
4. Objectives of your website/company.
5. Your Name, postal address, e-mail address and your telephone number.

When your users see this information, instantly their minds are put at ease about you not being a scammer( at least to an extent).

Privacy Statement:

A credible/reputed business must let their customers know exactly what policies they have regarding the personal information they are collecting.

A good way to disclose your policies, is to include a “Privacy” page in your website.

This page should have the following information:

1. How do you intend to use your customer’s information?
2. Is the collected information shared/sold to a third party?
3. Why the visitor’s e-mail addresses are being collected?
4. Why their IP addresses are being tracked and recorded?
5. Let your customers know that you are not responsible in any way, for the privacy issues of any other website you are linking to.
6. Let the customers/visitors know that any information shared on blogs or forums becomes public information.
7. Tell your visitors about the security measures you have taken to protect the loss, alteration or misuse of their personal information.
8. Let them know that they can opt-out of your mailing lists and explain how they can do it.
9. Provide your contact information, should they have any issues with your privacy policies.


It may happen that your customers will have questions regarding the services or products you are offering.

You should provide your customers with a fast and easy way to contact you.

A good way to do this is to add a “feedback” page to your website. Place a form on this webpage, enabling your customers to contact you.

(Most of the good hosting sites provide prebuilt feedback page. If not, you can easily search on Google for free javascript of such a form).

Then, it is extremely important that you reply to all the questions as soon as you can.

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