Smart Phone Technology Interface With Your Car

June 17, 2021 by No Comments

Every heard on an Aptera? Well, it is a new electric car that looks like a jet aircraft, and it has all the latest technology inside. What does the Aptera have when it comes to the latest integration in mobile technology, glad you asked, because you will be pleasantly surprised indeed.

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On the Aptera Website, the company boasts about the incredible new feature of integrating the Smart Phone with your car. “Smart Phone Connectivity – Time to put all those playlists to work. Simply plug ‘n’ play music through the audio system, and with the push of a button, switch over for that important incoming call.” This is extremely wise because as we all know, none of us go anywhere without our smartphones these days Realme X7 Max 5G.

Consider if you will how those with iPods have their music with them, well this Aptera “car of the future” allows you to play your favorite songs while you drive. Today, many smart phones have favorite songs, and now you can plug this into your sound system and drive in comfort, style, and with your favorite tunes too. And if you do get a call, no problem, you can speaker it through that same system and merely cross-over and talk with the other party on the line, well, on the wireless mobile cell phone personal tech device that is.

While many people are worried about their Toyota being able to stop when the gas pedal goes to full-throttle, I am much more concerned personally, that I may run out of gas or interest driving a car that cannot fully integrate with my smart phone and iPod. Because without good tunes, driving really isn’t that much fun – this is why when I noticed that the Aptera had such an incredible feature, in such an aerodynamically superior vehicle, I was “all-in” and like you, I want one. (in Yellow).

I just wonder if the Verizon Network has ever had so much fun on the road. Imagine cruising on a canyons highway in the California mountains in your new Aptera – enjoying the superior ride on each banked corner, all the while listening to your favorite music. Remember electric cars don’t make much noise, so the sound will also be superior.

And as you know it’s against the law to talk on your cell phone while you’re driving in California, but now you can talk hands-free with your smartphone fully integrated into the automobile’s system. And, really I hate to even call the Aptera an automobile it is so much more than that. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.

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